Somber Dreams of a Broken People:

Old San Juan
“Old San Juan” by soniahhhh is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

One of the most abundant themes in philosophy and a topic that occupies a boundless time in the minds of men is the battle between good and evil, the righteous and noble against the everlasting and foreign evil that seeks to destroy us. Unfortunately, man is arrogant. Even though we do possess a higher intellect, we have the arrogance to label and discard any fact that threatens our status. I find that the purest example of the nature of man and its intricate behaviors is the equally intricate product of man, maybe even the cause of its decadence, society. To make this essay legitimate to all corny, idealistic philosophers among my fellow readers I am using the complete definition of society, including the system and those who suffer the tragic misfortune of living by its rules.

Society or civilization is in its essence an undeniable treasure and triumph of man, but in its evolution it has derailed from its original foundations and has become the embodiment of man’s duality. The truth which we all decide to remain oblivious to is now gradually becoming the rapture we all fear. The poison that inhabits all men is represented in all its sanctimonious complexion through society, most notably its unwanted children. The ones who were left behind embrace their burden. Filled with rage towards an obscure enemy they inflict their pain onto the absent minded, who seem to have enjoyed the delights which they were rejected from. These tormented souls unfortunately are doomed to either suffer a sudden and unwarranted death, or to be judged by the same unremorseful, bureaucratic system which wronged them. Regardless of their efforts to become a bane to the bureaucracy, they will be brushed under the carpet. The memories of their lives will fall victim to the unceasing duration of time. Forgotten and diminished to one more name in an alphabetically organized archive and neatly put into an ambiguous drawer in a monotonous sea of office furniture.

Even though I speak of society as an invisible, manipulative, unfeeling and omnipresent entity which views us as assets, society is more of an intricate mechanization which is operated by a deceitful demon. A wolf wearing the skin of sheep. Unlike the alienated members of society, these men do not desire camaraderie nor are they dilapidated by the poison that devours us, the sheep. They are born of this poison and greed. Fueled by their rapacious lust for power they abandon any and all sense of morality. They walk among us in their flashy suits wearing a mask of lies and barren promises of progress. But no matter how hard they attempt to mimic what they perceive is a shepherd, there will always be that wretched stench. The stench that seeps from beneath the mask, the stench of lust, the stench of a toxic beast. That horrid stench! Yet we choose to remain indifferent and they prevail. 

Still there are those who sense the stench and, fearing repercussions, only whisper the truth in the privacy of their homes, where it becomes nothing more than murmurs of gossip. Even when the house of lies collapses on our heads and these crooked goblins, for their own self interest, send our children to plunder the riches of a foreign land and to die trying. What justification do they present? That they died defending our way of life? They died with the purpose of preserving the blissful ignorance and consumerist habits that shelter us from reality. Denying that they died for the sole purpose of filling the piggy banks of the filthy rich. To their rotten souls something as invaluable as a human life has a precise, calculated price. 

Sheep with no purpose but the one we are given. Eventually, after we’ve served that purpose, there will be nothing left of us. We will be worn out, tired, reduced to a mumbling roamer of the “good times”.  Left wondering at what point did we reach the peak and took that vertical dive towards a meaningless state of just existing. On your way to the top all you thought were of the folks who made it, just to distract yourself of how much of a dimly lighted, narrow passage life is. Barraged by propaganda of the great lie, an empty promise… the American Dream. A dream fulfilled by the economically able and longed for by the unsuspecting youth with a mentality of “rags-to-riches”. The great American Lie. 

Faced with such violent odds, how is there any hope for honesty to triumph? It’s  more of an unspoken concept, it lies in the fundamental idea of society. The very essence is unity among men, a beautiful unity that drives us to progress not as nations nor tribes but as a people. A single organism of individuals acting in the interest of all as free souls. Ephemeral bodies waiting to be released into eternity. A great family. 

Mi relación tóxica con el mundo cibernético…

“INTERNET EXPLORER” by Ella Zheng is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Como seres humanos nuestra evolución siempre ha consistido en la creación de nuevas tecnologías. La mas reciente siendo la web, la cual comenzó la era de la globalización. Desde entonces se ha convertido en un factor integro de nuestras vidas. Al contrario mi relación con la web ha sido una complicada por no decir que es una mala influencia. Mientras puede servir como una herramienta muy útil para el enriquecimiento intelectual, como lo es ver vídeos sobre las noticias o teorías científicas.

En mi experiencia a servido mas como una distracción de mis obligaciones. Como lo es ver vídeos que contienen ningún valor intelectual como mis favoritos: los vídeos de “ragdoll”.

Al comenzar un vídeo enseguida caigo en un agujero negro laberíntico en el cual pierdo todo sentido del tiempo. En el que 10 minutos se convierten en 30, 1 hora se convierten en 2 y día a noche. De la misma manera he gastado el tiempo con las redes sociales en ver los “post” de la vidas mundanas de los otros, pero empezando con esta clase pienso aprender a utilizar la web como una herramienta para mi crecimiento personal y profesional.

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Aquí encontraran varias sugerencias de como utilizar el Internet:


Hola, mi nombre es Alejandro Jiménez y este es mi primer blog. Mediante este blog espero presentar mis pensamientos sobre temas asociados a la sociedad en que vivimos. Expresaré estas opiniones a través de ensayos, cuentos (ambos en inglés y español) y obras artísticas. Este blog es parte de la clase de Informática 103 en la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón en San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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